About this episode:

“One of the essential elements of any leadership responsibility – what needs to be in your kit bag as basic – is the ability to communicate” – Peter Davies

For a combat aviator, when the rounds are flying, the pace and delivery of communication is very different to when they are safe on deck at home. Whilst the fundamental nature of communication remains relatively consistent, great leaders know that communication style is always situational. The ability to adjust and to convey authenticity, that respects the culture of your team, the way they absorb information, and the current context can be the difference between success and failure

In this episode, we cover:

  • The power of storytelling.
  • Using financial statements to explain the importance of ‘shop-floor’ tactics.
  • Situational communication – how military aviators consider honesty, time, rank and respect when modifying their communication style, to choose the right style for the right moment.
  • The limits of ‘accuracy, brevity and clarity’ in an isolated military cockpit environment, and how it can stifle communication in the same way that sending a corporate email can.
  • Why authenticity underpins how the CEO sells critical messages to the team.
  • Using humour to demonstrate humility.
  • How consistency can help leaders to empower autonomy.
  • Why understanding an organisation’s culture is so crucial for communication.
  • Whether it is possible to be a great leader if you are not an effective communicator.

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Meet the fighter pilot & CEO

Andy Wright


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