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“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” – Peter Drucker

Like any high-performance organisation, a fast jet squadron must push the boundaries of their people and their equipment.  However, if they push the limits too hard, they are likely to find themselves in a dangerous situation.  Perhaps the most important differentiator in exploring the limits of performance is culture.  For any organisation, the responsibility of establishing the right culture rests on the shoulders of the leader.  By establishing a unifying purpose, leading by example, asking the right questions and identifying passionate champions to galvanise the right environment, leaders can set the moral compass for their organisation.  If they get it right, they create a culture that provides the perfect conditions to allow their team to operate at the highest levels of performance, without risk of catastrophe.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The difference between Culture and Values. Whilst both individuals and organisations can have a stated set of values – culture is always related to a team.
  • Why leadership is the critical factor for setting culture, and how the leader can set a positive (or negative) environment in their organisation.
  • The importance of setting the right example and asking the right questions.
  • Whether it is possible to measure culture.
  • Why a leader should always strive to leave their organisation better than they found it, and how matching ‘passion to task’ can supercharge success.
  • How a unifying purpose (your ‘why’) can provide a focal point for setting a team’s culture.
  • The importance of identifying champions and supporting them in aligning the ‘moral compass’ and setting the right tone throughout a large team.
  • The balance between performance and culture.
  • How a healthy culture sets psychological safety that, in turn, encourages team members to raise challenges and concerns, without fear of risking their own reputation.
  • Why high performance teams are like high performance aeroplanes – to get the best out of them, the pilot or leader must know how push the envelope without stalling.

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