About this episode:

“When it comes to decision making at a critical time… it is crucial that you stay ahead of the drag curve” – Andy Wright

Fast jet aviators must spend as much time as possible flying ‘heads out’ of the cockpit. As they execute their missions, they cannot afford to spend too much time focussing on one thing. Just like pilots, leaders must make accurate decisions at high pace. Also, they must keep their organisations balanced at all times. By maintaining a strong sense of ‘peripheral vision’, like pilots, leaders can build their capacity to ensure that their speed of execution never falls behind the dreaded ‘drag curve’.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Airpower characteristics (Height, Speed & Reach) and how they affect how aviators think.
  • The dangers of strategic leaders being too distant from their operational team.
  • What leaders can learn from the principles of flight as they try to balance risk, finance and strategy.
  • The importance of ethos and empathy in bonding teams.
  • Why the CEO must surround themselves with people better than themselves.
  • The art of delegation and how a pilot’s ‘peripheral vision’ builds capacity for leaders, provided they establish the right structure, team and level of trust.
  • Why autocracy isn’t always wrong but how it can erode trust.
  • Why leading in times of crisis requires leaders to stay ahead of the ‘drag curve’.

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Meet the fighter pilot & CEO

Andy Wright


Peter Davies


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