About this episode:

“It is better to be approximately right than exactly wrong” – John Maynard Keynes

As pilots or organisation strive to hit known/fixed (deliberate) targets, or fleeting (dynamic) targets of opportunity, they must employ different processes and decision-making styles.  As the pressures of time and risk shift between the target types, if leaders understand the principles of ‘OODA’ and ‘Red Thinking’ they can make decisions faster than their competitors to exploit their weaknesses, and win the fight.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Where does the decision making process start?
  • Deliberate Versus Dynamic decision making.
  • Understanding the OODA loop – Observe, Orientate, Decide, Act.
  • Decision making as a continual process where each decision is impacted by the previous.
  • Using Red Thinking to understand and beat your competition?
  • Decision making to ensure we remain pro-active not reactive.
  • How to prioritise decisions.
  • Why decision making always involves an element of risk – including when we make no decision.
  • Is the safest decision ever the best decision?

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Meet the fighter pilot & CEO

Andy Wright


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